• National Building Museum Marble Flooring Restoration

    National Building Museum Marble Flooring

    This much-visited tourist attraction had its marble severely scratched by…

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  • Restoration of Granite Steps at Egyptian Defense Ministry

    Restoration of Granite Steps at Egyptian

    Granite steps were heavily soiled and deeply stained due to…

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  • Marble Foyer Restoration in Georgetown

    Marble Foyer Restoration in Georgetown

    This townhome foyer had not been professionally treated in the…

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  • Marble Ring Marks Removed

    Marble Ring Marks Removed

    This customer’s limestone was never sealed. These ring marks are…

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  • Tumbled Travertine Restored

    Tumbled Travertine Restored

    A dog and four children take their toll on the…

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  • Mosaic Marble Lobby Restored

    Mosaic Marble Lobby Restored

    Full Restoration of Historic Mosaic Marble Lobby and Mailroom of…

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  • Mexican Tile Refinished

    Mexican Tile Refinished

    This Mexican tile had lost its luster and the grout…

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  • Jerusalem Limestone Refinished

    Jerusalem Limestone Refinished

    Staining around the toilet due to bad aim took away…

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  • Slate cleaning and sealing

    Slate cleaning and sealing

    This dull slate floor was restored to like-new condition with…

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  • Dull Terracotta Restored

    Dull Terracotta Restored

    This terra cotta floor needed to be professionally cleaned, resealed…

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  • Limestone Countertop Refinished

    Limestone Countertop Refinished

    Limestone is porous and vulnerable to scratches, chips, and acidic…

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  • Flagstone Efflorescence Removed

    Flagstone Efflorescence Removed

    Badly damaged flagstone from many years of outdoor exposure and…

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